Maths Worksheet for Class 1,2 with Answers PDF

We are excited to present a comprehensive maths worksheet specially designed for Class 1 students.

Maths Worksheet for Class 1, 2 with Answers PDF: Mathematics is an essential subject that plays a crucial role in shaping young minds. It helps children develop problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills from an early age. In this blog, we are excited to present a comprehensive maths worksheet specially designed for Class 1 students. This worksheet aims to make learning mathematics enjoyable while reinforcing important concepts. Plus, we've included answers, making it a valuable resource for parents and teachers alike.

Maths Worksheet for Class 1,2 with Answers PDF

Maths Worksheet for Class 1,2 with Answers PDF
Maths Worksheet for Class 1,2 with Answers PDF

Understanding Class 1 Maths Curriculum

Class 1 is a significant milestone in a child's education journey. The maths curriculum focuses on building a strong foundation in fundamental concepts like numbers, shapes, measurements, and basic operations. These concepts make the way for more complex mathematical topics in the future.

Advantages of Worksheets in Learning Mathematics

Worksheets are fantastic tools for young learners. They offer several benefits, such as making math engaging and interactive. By using worksheets, children can practice math in a structured manner, which enhances their problem-solving skills and boosts their confidence.

Components of the Maths Worksheet for Class 1

Our maths worksheet is carefully structured to cover various aspects of the Class 1 curriculum. It includes a variety of exercises like multiple-choice questions, fill in the blanks, and inequalities. It keeps students actively engaged throughout the learning process.

Sample Questions and Answers

Let's get a glimpse of what our maths worksheet has to offer! Here are a few sample questions:

1. Add the following numbers: 5 + 3 = ?

   Answer: 8

2. Count the shapes and write the total: [🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄]

   Answer: 7

3. Fill in the missing numbers in the pattern: 2, 4, 6, __, 10

   Answer: 8

Tips for Parents and Teachers

Parents can play a vital role in their child's math learning journey. Use the worksheet as a tool for interactive learning sessions at home. Make math a fun game and encourage your child to solve problems independently.

For teachers, worksheets can be an excellent addition to classroom activities and homework assignments. They provide a structured approach to reinforce classroom lessons and help monitor each student's progress.

Importance of Regular Practice

Consistent math practice is essential for Class 1 students. Regular practice not only boosts confidence but also leads to improved academic performance. Encourage children to spend a few minutes each day solving math problems to reinforce their learning.

Maths Worksheet Demo 

Maths Worksheet Part 1

Maths Worksheet Part 2

Maths Worksheet Part 3

Downloading the Maths Worksheet PDF for Class 1,2

To access our Class 1 maths worksheet with answers in PDF format, click on the following button and you can join telegram for more worksheets:-


Mathematics is a fascinating subject that offers countless opportunities for young minds to grow and develop. Our Class 1 maths worksheet with answers aims to make learning math enjoyable and accessible. Parents and teachers can use this resource to support children in building a solid foundation in mathematics. So, let's embark on this math adventure together and watch our little learners shine brightly. 

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